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South Africa
Current Residence: The town of Trigador
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Fantasy
Personal Quote: Regdar!!!
  • Listening to: Timmy Eb's commands
  • Reading: Wanted posters for cronos
  • Watching: Kobolds poking each other
  • Playing: Dungeons and Dragons!!!
  • Eating: Troglodyte corpses
  • Drinking: Dwarven Ale (+1)
Sup you bitches, guess what time it is!! You guessed it! It's CONTEST TIME!!!!! This contest's theme is..... MONSTERS!!!!! Alright, I guess everyone here knows what to do, but if you're either retarded or a first timer to the contest, I'll go over things for you.  First thing's first, this is probably the most important step out of all, that's why I'm saying it first. The first step is to SEND US A NOTE WITH THE LINK OF YOUR PIC!!! It seems that people don't understand that we don't want your comments on the page itself, we just want your requests, submissions, etc. to go in a note so we don't have to see your whatever on our page. That doesn't mean you can't comment at all, just make sure it's just leisurely talk. Second thing is the voting procedure. The way you vote is that you CAN vote for more than one picture. (for those that were upset the last time) Also please be encouraged to vote. We don't want a contest decided on just a couple of votes. We need a nice amount of votes in order to accurately whose is the best picture. You cannot vote for yourself or vote on the same person more than once.

                                                            -Kyokun1790 aka Beast

Criteria for contest picture:
1.   No Characters
2.   Only monsters (kobolds, troglodytes, etc.)
3.   Any kind of monster you can think of
4.   No Fetishes (being careful)
5.   No Anthro!!!!! (For the no anthro rule, werewolves in their origional looking state if perfectly fine, it's the human looking creatures that are NOT permitted!!!)

Heres the link!!!!!  


:iconkyokun1790: :iconmr-eb: :iconwolf-wood: :iconclash-titan61691:

The only club leader that does anything....


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General-EbonRose Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009  Student Digital Artist
A lone wanderer walks up to the stony remains of the old mead hall. Whispers drift up from the few walls that still stand. An old sign of welcome squeaks as the wind pushes back, and gravity pulls it forward.

The wanderer shakes their head and hefts a heavy wooden post from the ruins, Setting it upright in the ground, and setting stones against it. Upon it the wanderer carves a map, for all those who would still seek such revelry to follow.

COBRD-Ind Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2008
are you guys ever coming back?
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